Sunday, August 13, 2017

Review for Leather Wrap Feather Bracelet

I absolutely love this bracelet from Bonita Jewelry. I was somewhat hesitant to try it, as it isn't leather, and I prefer real leather to PU leather.  This is such excellent quality, however, that I don't really notice a difference. The feather is just the right size in that it makes a statement,  but isn't overbearing or bulky. I love that it's a wrap bracelet - I wear it next to several simple, braided leather bracelets and it fits in with the stacked bracelet look. I appreciate that the feather and clasp is stainless steel, as I have a nickel allergy. All around, I'd give this bracelet 4.5/5.0. I wish the clasp felt a tiny bit more secure, which is why I took off half a point. Still, a really lovely bracelet at a great price point.
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