Saturday, March 23, 2013

I Have a Son!!!!

Who will be known as "Atters" (which is actually his nickname) on this blog so that he can't be Googled as easily.  I think he'll appreciate that when he gets older.  Please use him nickname when you are commenting.  Thank you!

He was born via c-section at 11:28 am, and weighs 6 lbs, 14 oz.  He is 19 inches long.  He had fluid in his lungs when he was born, so he has been on oxygen.  Because of this, he's been in the nursery, and I've been in recovery, so I haven't held him.  In fact, I've just been able to touch his head and then to see him through some glass.  But I was told that I will be able to visit him in about a half hour.  I'm so excited!!!!  I need to be with my little boy.  I already love him so much.