Wednesday, December 26, 2012

You Don't Get Real Posts...

You get a list.

Stuff that's happened in my life recently:

It was Christmas.  Did you know that?  It was.  Ours was quiet and nice and calm and not super Christmas-y at all, but it was good.  Just Bryan and I, which is nice, because it's the last time that will ever happen.

I'm officially back on the nap train.  There was about a month or two there where I didn't need a daily nap, but that's gone.  I usually come home from work at about 6ish, eat dinner, then take a nap from around 7-8:30 or 8-9:30.  Then I wake up again and go to bed around midnight or 1.  It sounds strange, but it works well for me.  And I feel SO GOOD after my nighttime nap.  Seriously, so good.

I ate too much crap over Christmas and gained 2 pounds.  This isn't a big deal, but I know it was mostly sweets and not the kiddo getting bigger.  As of right now, I've gained 12 pounds so far this pregnancy.  I think I'm still on track to gain about 25-27 pounds, but we'll see how third trimester goes.

Bryan and I are watching "Alias" on Netflix.  I watched some of the show when it actually aired, but it's nice to see it again.  We're pronouncing it like "Elias" (the name) with an A.  Cause we're dumb.

I made cinnamon caramels this year for presents.  They are so so so good.  I need to stop eating them.  Delish, melty caramels.  SO.  GOOD.

The kiddo (also known as baby bear, bunny, and "Atters," which is a nickname for what will most likely be his actual name... more on that later) seems to be doing well.  He's growing, he's moving, he's grooving, and he still approves of me eating spicy food, so what's not to love?  He has gotten some super geeky onesies so far, and I am LOVING it.  Seriously.  I just hope this kid learns how to be cool from other people, because he's not getting it from me or Bry.

Do you live by a Smith's/Kroger?  If so, run out IMMEDIATELY and get a humungo carton of their Amaretto Cherry Cordial ice cream.  GUH.  It's SO GOOD.  I can't even...

Jackson is officially wintery.  We didn't have snow (at least not real snow) in October or November, but it's DUMPED recently, and it's super pretty.  It's also really cold.  But.  That happens.  Bry and I went for a hike/snowshoe walk on Christmas day and Bry's beard and my hair got all white and frostified.  Bryan said I looked like Rogue from X-men.  Cause I'm awesome.  I then touched him, took all his powers, and almost killed him.

I miss my family.  I wish we could be in Seattle with my folks and Dave and Stacey, but that just isn't happening.  I thought I was totally cool with having Christmas just the two of us until we were on our hike/walk/snowshoe thing, and I got mad about something dumb and then cried for like ten minutes.  And it was pretty much because I wanted to hang out with family toooooo.  I haven't seen my brother in a ridiculously long time.  Seriously, by the time Kiddo (little kiddo, not brother kiddo) is born, I think it will have been 2 years.  That's bull.

I am doing continuing audiology education for work.  It will let me do more things at the office to clear up the Audiologist's schedule a bit, which is cool.  I never thought I'd like Audiology, but I find it super interesting.  I did some trouble-shooting on this gal's hearing aid today, and when none of the usual fixes worked, I was getting bummed.  Her hearing aid wasn't under warranty, and she was this ridiculously sweet 86 year old woman; I didn't want to charge her $250 to send in her hearing aid for repair.  Then I thought, "Hmmmm, what if the battery connections just aren't great?"  And so I tweaked them real quick and voila!  You can hear!  It was pretty awesome; I like actually being able to help patients in a tangible way.

So.  Those are things.  And stuff.

I'm sure there's more, but I'm tired, and my tea is cold.

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