Thursday, November 10, 2011

Weird things that happen when Bryan is away.

1. I get super lazy.  I'm not picking anything up until tomorrow night.  Deal with it, me.

2. I get gross(er).  Bryan and I use the same deodorant.  As in the same stick.  And I guess the right way to say that would be "I use Bryan's deodorant (because I like the smell) and he doesn't approve."  Well, he took it with him obviously.  Do I look like I'm about to go to Kmart and buy more?  No.  I'm just going to not wear deodorant for a few days.  I'll keep the office cooler and pretend I'm a hippie.

3. I eat weird foods.  Sometimes it means eating one food as a meal - like a plate of asparagus.  This time it means ramen for dinner.  Yesterday and today.  Maybe tomorrow too.  Tonight I made it fancy though - chicken ramen with thinly sliced carrots, cilantro, green onion, ginger paste and sriracha.  Yep.  DELISH.

4. Talking to myself.  Even more. 


Good thing I married young, I guess.  Can you imagine me living by myself?  ::shudders:: TERRIFYING.