Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I've been sick for over a week now.  It super-sucks.  And before that I had a weird skin rash thing that hasn't totally gone away because I can't use my skin cream because it has a steroid that may make my cold worse.... and before that I had other nasty health crap to deal with.  Pretty much I've been some sort of sick for a solid month now.   My sleep habits have totally been affected by it, and all in all, it's SUPER LAME.

That said, I dressed like a cat today for work and ate lots of cookies.  So I'm sure that will help my immune system.

And this is pretty much all I want to do, all day every day:

Except with my Kindle... because that's how I roll.   Although, realistically, I still have serious issues not buying stuff at used book stores.

Any good fiction books anyone feels like recommending?  I still need to finish the Hunger Games series, and I've got a number of books that I plan on reading, but I like recommendations.  I really like series as well.  I like romance (but not lame-o chick lit romance), some classics, fantasy (but not TOO crazy, more like fantasy-light), dystopian/apocalyptic fiction and some historical fiction.  I'm not really into mysteries, anything involving cops, the mob, or lame vampire novels (some are okay, but let's be serious, most are lame). Anyone read anything they really loved lately?