Saturday, September 3, 2011

"What Do You Want for Your Birthday?"

Bryan has asked me this question several times now.  My birthday isn't until October, the 6th, to be exact. 

I have NO IDEA what I want for my birthday.  None at all.

Bryan told me that this is the last birthday I'll get a fancy present, because we're talking about a kid in 2012. 

He keeps mentioning big ticket items.  "How about an iPad?"

Excuse me.  AN IPAD?  Those are FRICKIN' EXPENSIVE.  And I'm fairly hopeless with Apple products. 

But, Bryan just told me today that Amazon is supposed to be coming out with a tablet soon.  They're calling it the "Amazon Kindle" but it's full screen, has access to Amazon's Cloud music player, access to Amazon's Instant Video, and has full internet capabilities (apparently).  It uses wifi, not 3G.  It won't have a camera, so it's more on par with the first generation iPad.

And it's supposed to run $250!!  Which is WAY COMPETITIVE.  And rumor has it (according to PC World) that buyers will get one free year of Amazon Prime.  We buy TONS of stuff off of Amazon, so that's pretty awesome.  That also lets us get free movies on Amazon Instant Video.

So now I'm thinking of holding off on my birthday present until late November, when the Amazon Kindle is supposed to be out.  My only question is this:  how will their actually Kindle program run?  One of the things I love about my 3rd generation Kindle is their E Ink Pearl technology - it appears that you're actually reading on a page of paper.  There's no glare, and there's no back light.  How will the new Amazon Kindle handle that?  I'm guessing it will be back lit, which I don't love - not sure how they can get around it. 

So yeah.  We'll see.  I thought the Kindle wasn't a huge deal until I got one... now it follows me room to room.  I can't tell you how much I frickin' love it.  As Bryan mentioned this morning, it's totally changed my relationship with books.  I read a lot for fun during college (studying not so much), but when I graduated and started working, my reading definitely declined.  When Bryan and I got married, I read even less.  After working a job I hated, and Bryan having a full day of work and school, we pretty much sat in front of the tv every night.  Since I got the Kindle (on my birthday last year, from Bry... he's smart), I've been reading a book a week, on average.  And I really, really love it.  I'm watching a lot less tv as well, which is nice. 

Anyone have a gadget they can't live without? Recommendations?