Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Anniversary toooo Ussss

So today is our 4th wedding anniversary.  And I was going to do this huge post, but guess what?  It's 11 and I'm still working out and tired.  As a few of you have said, I haven't been blogging as much.  This is true.  I usually blog at night, and many of my nights have been filled with friends, fishing, reading (what what Harrrrry Potter!  Lurve you) and exercising.  I'm in the last two weeks of P90x.  While I feel SO much stronger, I have only lost four pounds.  WHICH SUCKS.  But I've put on a lot of muscle, and since muscle weighs more than fat.... blah blah blah.  So now I've started getting super serious.  I'm keeping track of everything I eat via My Fitness Pal.  Seriously.  Everything.  Including ice tea and mints.  And I'm doing P90x 6-7 days a week, no excuses.  I'm really hoping that I will start to see a serious change.  And I'm going to my friend Monica's wedding at the beginning of next month.  Annnnd I'm way self-conscious about looking like the chubby one in the group.  It's not my fault that two of my best girls are tall, super skinny, and have DDs.  It's not exactly fair, either, but I love them, so I'll forgive them.

So yeah.  I've been pretty darn busy.  I'm hoping that I'll be picking up where I left off in August, howevs.  Bear with me until then, eh?

This weekend I'm getting my hurrs cut and watching HPDHP2 (that's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, for those of you less awesomesauce).  It's going to be awesome.  I'm really happy with my current haircut (I'd take a pic if I weren't nasty workout girl right now... sweaty hair and all), but I sort of want something along these lines but with a bit more sass.  I'm getting my hair cut by a guy named JD that I met really quickly last time at the salon.  He says "fabulous" and "get it girl" a lot.  I'm hoping he'll be my gay best friend.

Like Kurt.

(Anyone else LOVE Glee?  I could dance around to their songs all the time... unless Lea Michelle/Rachel is singing another Broadway/show tune. Blecho).

Anyways, I'm hoping for a FABULOUS haircut.  I think I'm going to tell him to keep the idea of my hair (lots of layers) but make it a bit more stylish and fun.  We'll see.  As long as I don't have bangs, I'll be good.  I can't stand bangs in my eyes, no matter how adddorable they look. 

So yeah.  That's my story.  It's my anniversary.  My hubs is awesome (he brought me chocolate and flowers to work, and then took me out for yummy food at the Brew Pub).

Here's an adorable picture to awwww at:

You can "awwwww" now.