Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Dad

(I'd like to apologize in advance for the weird formatting... I'm not sure what the deal is, exactly, but it's weird.)

My dad is awesome.  I wrote all about how awesome he is HERE, so I'm not going to say the same thing all over again.

So instead, here is an internet conversation we had on April 13th, 2006, while I was away at college and planning on coming home for the weekend... keep in mind my dad is a pastor.

Me: Hey Dad?  You should make beef jerky. Because I want some.
Dad: Yeh?  I have trail mix.  Are you coming home today?  
Me: Yep.
Dad: Then why are you on the computer?  Come home!
Me: Dang I have to freaking go to class!  I would totally skip, because I have like... three skips stored up.
Dad: Blow it off.
Me: But we're getting a take home test. Stupid college making me go to stupid class.  Stupid stupidness.
Dad: Yeh.
Me: I thought about just getting the test and then leaving, since we're just watching a film.  And I heard it's supposed to thunderstorm up there, and I don't feel like driving through it on the highway.
Dad: No storms, just lots of sunshine.
Me: No way it says storms.
Dad: No.  Go to class.  It only says "isolated T-storms."  That means if you blink, it's gone.  Be good.  Go to class.  I'll feed you when you get home.
Me:  I don't waaaaaaaaaaaaannnnt to go to class.  It's going to be on elder abuse.  I've learned about elder abuse in like... four classes already.  It's too warm and sunny to care about elder abuse right now.
Dad: Some of my Elders need abuse.  [CHURCH JOKE!]
Dad: I'm old.
Me: You're not a freaking ELDER.  You have to be like... grandpa's old for that.
Dad: Yeah.  Grandpa is old.  85 going on 100.
Me: True. Dat.

(I now work with the elderly and love them).

So as you can see, my dad is obviously awesome.  He makes fun of old people, while still loving them.  He makes me homemade beef jerky.  And he convinces me to skip, and then attend, class.  We think a lot of the same things are funny.... We agree on a lot of things, and DISAGREE on a lot of others... and we talk about all of it.  We fight, we laugh, we love black licorice and Bill Cosby and being silly.  He's awesome.  Just the coolest, nicest Dad that I could ask for.  And yes, I just ended a sentence in a preposition.  And made fun of elder abuse.

And some pictures...

The fam, I think it was my birthday?  I'm going to guess I was 8 years old.

Mom and Dad in Myrtle Beach

Our family likes to play this game called "The Great Dalmuti."  The round's winner wears a cool hat.  The loser wears a non-cool hat.  This is a pic of Dad and Stac-Face.

Looks like Dad lost that round.

I have NO idea who won this round. Me, maybe, for having a picture of my dad wearing that hat.

Bond.  James Bond.  And Mrs. Bond, apparently.

Happy Father's Day, Dad!!

I love you!