Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fertility Awareness Method

About a month and a half ago, one of my readers, Carla, asked me to write about my preferred method of birth control, the Fertility Awareness Method, or Natural Family Planning.  She posted my explanation on her blog

And nooooow I'm posting it here!  It's long.  It uses the words "cervical," "sperm," and "ovulation."  It's once again, long.  And it's me, JessicaMayLords, talking about birth control (including which methods I've used in the past).  If that grosses you out, then don't read on.  You should know that I don't write anything on this blog that I would be embarrassed to have my mom and mom-in-law read.  So I'm not going to be inappropriate, but to be truly informative, I can't NOT use the word penis.  Do we understand each other?


So, if I haven't scared you, and if you have ever wanted to know a LOT about FAM, then read away....