Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lands' End Deals!!

Okay.  I admit it.  I have a mad crush on Lands' End.  I love their casual, all American look.  They have great deals now and then, and I love the everyday casual vibe they offer; all you need to do is add a statement necklace and you're set!

I have two of their down jackets, and a rain jacket.  I also have a fleece of theirs, and it's oh so comfy.  And I have a bathing suit bottom, because it was an amazing deal at $4 with free shipping.

And now they are having an awesome 25% off clearance deal, with FREE SHIPPING.  Just use code LANDSEND and promo ID 1140.

So of COURSE I'm having difficulty not buying things.  But how friggin cute is this bag??


Soooooooo cute.  And it's only $13.50!!!!  I'm still not sure why I'm not pulling the trigger... we'll see how long I last.

This bag is also a steal at $13.50.  It reminds me a bit of my high school days, shopping in the Boystown neighborhood in Chicago, checking out the Army/Navy Surplus stores for awesome canvas bags.  I'd be pretty tempted to pay the $5 to get my initials monogrammed on it, or to make a stencil in the bottom corner.

This bag is super cute, especially with the rope handles.  I'm really digging the nautical look this spring.  However, at $38, it's just way too much for a canvas bag right now.  I know that Lands' End canvas bags are super sturdy, much better than you'll find most places, but it still seems a bit steep.  I'm thinking I could always buy canvas and make a bag similar to this, and stencil it... Or I could just get a really simple canvas bag pre-made and stencil it.  I know it wouldn't have the same detail as this sailboat, but I could get a similar feel...

But that first sailboat bag... that's a hard one to forget about.  And it would be perfect for work - right now when I walk to work I carry a big canvas grocery bag with my breakfast, lunch, Kindle, and purse inside.  Have I mentioned how much I love my Kindle... because I friggin' love it.  Reading the Mercy Thompson series right now, voraciously.  Anyways...

This would hold all my stuff and I wouldn't be carry a canvas grocery sack (people out here say sack instead of bag... isn't that strange??).  I'm thinking about it... thinking....