Monday, May 30, 2011


Bryan and I have been talking about buying a sofa/love seat for a while now.  We've only owned secondhand furniture.  Wellllll, we bought a sofa and love seat set today!  Yikes!!!!

HOWEVER... it was 50% off (maybe more?) and came with pillows.  And it's cute and exactly the color I wanted (well, I wanted anything in a grey or bluish-grey) and it was a great deal.  And it's going to look awesome in our apartment.

The color is called "Steel" and it's definitely a steel blue.  I'm really excited to see it in our apartment with all of our dark brown/black furniture and our gray rug.  I think it'll look really cute, and it's nice to actually have "adult" furniture.  I feel like we've been sort of college-y for a long time.  I get a bit jealous when I go to friends' houses that have been married for a shorter time than we have and their stuff if gorgeous and looks put-together.  So, I hope this helps out a bit.  I'd kill for the wood floors in the photo above, but I suppose slightly gross tan carpet will do for now.

And now I'm going to take an ibuprofen, because spending money gives me a headache. Still, very excited.  Now we just have to get it to Jackson....