Saturday, May 21, 2011

Most Popular Post

I just thought I'd tell you (according to my stats) that my most popular post was the Steve Zahn lookalike post here.

Kinda funny, huh?

Next popular is this post, where I explain I'm not a porn star.

Oh, and that Possibilities post, where I explain how I want to get this awesome property management job that pays well?  Yeah, still haven't heard back.  Called our friend who has an "in" since he works for the company, and he hasn't heard a peep either, which he thinks is annoying.  So it's not just us.  :-)

This weekend is Elkfest, so on Sunday there's a big chili cookout in town square apparently, which I am VERY excited to attend.  I love me some chili, and I'm ready to be discriminating (meaning I want to try every single one, thanks!)