Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Bryan and I were walking home the other day from church when a car pulled up next to us and my friend Kate's husband rolled down the window.  We've only really hung out with him once, but he saw us and thought he would say hello.  We chatted for quite a bit, and he mentioned his job and how he's taking on more responsibility.  Now, we know he makes a good amount of money.  He gave us an idea of HOW much he makes, though, and it's CRAZY.  Seriously.  He works really hard, it's true, but he's making over three times as much money as I do.  He works as a property manager over something like 10 different apartment complexes here in town.  The guy is busy but he makes up for it in his paycheck.

I jokingly said "Man!  You suck!!  Let me know if there are any openings..."  And then he said, "Actually... there's an opening at one complex.  You'd be in charge of 24 apartments, but it's free rent and you get another $500 a month.  And they pay utilities."

Whaaaaaaat?  So we applied this evening.  The apartment is a nice second story 2 bedroom apartment a half mile from the hospital where I work.  I'd work in the "office" (which would be a desk located in our living room) in the evenings and for about 4-5 hours on Tuesdays, and Bryan would do some maintenance, water the lawn, mow the lawn, and snow blow the walkways.  I'd only have about 4-6 hours of actual office WORK per week, but we'd need to be available for 2 hours on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, and on Tuesdays from around 9am-2pm.  And we'd be saving about $1500 a month.


We talked about it for a few days, because it WILL be a change, and it will be more work for us.  However, we'd be bringing in another $18,000 a year or so.  WHICH IS AMAZING.

Apparently they're looking at a few couples at the moment, because they want someone who is experienced with office work, light maintenance, and is quiet.  So they should obviously hire us.

AND we'd be right across the street from Kate and her family, which would be really neat!  So, yes, I'm quite excited.  I really hope we get this position, I think it would be amazing.  I was planning on working at Solitude this summer on Tuesdays to help save for our cruise, but if we were able to pull this off, we'd be paid up in just a month and a half.  YEAH.  Friggin' awesome.

So if you could send happy thoughts/prayers/magic/donuts our way... that would be great.  :-)