Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Talkin' Bout My Healthy Bits

So if you've keeping up with my blog, you'll remember that I had lots of bloodwork recently.  Oh, and I had an ultrasound on my left boob.  Yep.

My boob is totally fine, although it is WEIRD to see a boob on an ultrasound, I have to admit.  "What's that??"  "Oh, those are the fatty deposits that make up breast tissue."  "What are those little white lines?" "Those are Cooper's ligaments... they keep your breasts perky.  And when you get older they will break down and your boobs will sag.  It's just what happens."


So they have no idea why I have the weird sensation in my boob, but I was told to cut down on caffeine (I DID start drinking coffee again about two or three months ago... have to switch to decaf, I guess), to take Vitamin E supplements twice a day, and to take Evening Primrose Oil supplements.  Supposedly that should help, so that's good.

All of my bloodwork came back fine, except my Follicule-Stimulating Hormone was a little bit high.  Apparently that means that I may have slightly less eggs than I should have at my age, or something like that.  Of course, it's only a little bit higher of a level of this FSH stuff, and I still have a ton of eggs, so they're not worried that it will really affect my fertility or anything.  Which is pretty cool, because we are planning on starting a family in the next year or so.

As far as my weight loss plan... well, apparently I just suck at weight loss.  I've been working out regularly since January and have only lost about 3 pounds.  Which is better than nothing, I suppose!  I have also lost an inch around my hips, and about an inch off each thigh.  This morning I tried on some of my cute dresses, thinking about weddings this summer and our cruise next winter.  I really hope that I lose at least another two inches off my hips (I'd prefer more like 5 inches, but we'll see) and at least another two off my thighs.  If I could lose some tummy, that would be pretty awesome as well. 

We've been struggling with P90X this last week or so.  We've had a hard time getting the work out in, and we've been pretty tired and trying to catch up on sleep.  Tonight is the second round of Yoga X this week... this is HARDCORE YOGA.  Seriously, I do not know how they do some of these poses.  My body doesn't move like that.  Last night, after Core Synergistic, I made Bryan take pictures of my downward dog (that sounded dirty) so I could work on improving my pose.  I'm doing well, but I totally want the awesome almost concave downward dog that Pam (the Blam) can do.  Mine looks like this right now:


which is totally good.  BUT, I would love for it to look like this (similar to Pam the Blam!s):

Okay, Pam's is even MORE concave.  But look at that!  Feet flat on the ground, hips to the sky, chest to the knees... impressive!

So.  We're only on week 4 out of 8, so I'm hoping that I lose more weight.  Apparently many women don't recommend weighing yourself for the first 45 days, as you're primarily building muscle, so you won't see much weight loss.  I would, however, like to lose some poundage and inches, so it's hard not to check that scale in the morning.  I'm hoping between P90X and some running that I'll slowly get back in shape.  I want to look good for this cruise next January!!  And I'd like to feel less self-conscious in a lot of my clothes.  So here's hoping.