Sunday, March 6, 2011


Bryan decided that I "blurf" a lot.  It's a new word he made up that means blog surfing.  It's probably been used before, but he insists that he owns the copywrite.

Carry on.

"Why are _____ so....."

Earlier this week, on Experimental Theology, Richard Beck blogs about pastor Phil Vaughan's "Gracenomics" sermon series at Southeast Christian Church in Colorado.  In one of his sermons, he asks people to Google the phrase "Why Are Christians So..."  Google has an autocomplete feature which shows you the most popular searches.  If you Google "Why Are Christians So..." you will see the following:


You may think that this would be the same for all other belief systems.  However...

The internet, however, wasn't as nice to Muslims (so... scary, mean, mad) or Hindus (racist, upset with Avatar(??)) or Atheists:

Still.  It stings a little bit, but looking at a LOT of people who go to Church and wag fingers and condemn you to hell.... I totally understand.