Saturday, March 5, 2011


So.  Sometimes I become a bit... obsessed about buying things.  Only CERTAIN things though.  In high school it was underwear.  College, earrings.  And apparently now it's water bottles, fleece jackets, and glasses.  It's not that I have a million or anything, it's just that I often like to look at these things and think about buying them.

So.  Glasses.  Here are what I currently own:

Love these Cosmopolitan glasses, but they are scratched.  I'm going to get them fixed at the eye doctors next time I got in.  I think they're super cute.

I like these but the green is actually a bit brighter than pictured, so I don't wear them all the time.  I think if they were a bit more of an olive, I'd wear them more.  Still, not bad.

These are the current glasses that I wear.  I like them a fair amount, but I think I like my brown glasses (the ones at the top) more.  I feel like the frame is a bit thick at my temples.

So.  Those are what I own.  And on Monday, is having a free glasses giveaway from Wyoming/Colorado residents.  You just pay shipping.  Annnnd I want a new pair.  Just 'cause.

So here are the ones that I am considering.  I could totally use help deciding!!

Here are the finalists:

I like these ones a lot.  I think the plum color is not too bright; it actually has a burgundy look to me.  I like the details at the temples as well.

These are metal frames, which I haven't had in a few years, but I think it may be a nice option.  They're a dark navy.

These are also a navy, which I like.  The glass doesn't go all the way to the edge of the frame; not sure if I like that or not.  The cute little designs at the temples are cute, but I worry these may be a bit too square?  I have other glasses that are square, but I'm wondering if I need some more rounded pairs.

So yeah.  Those are my top options right now.  I know I don't NEED another pair of glasses... but for $15-20 I like having choices.  In the winter I wear glasses quite a lot, as my allergies are crappy.  In the summer I try to wear more contacts, since it's not fun having glasses on if you're sweaty/warm and they slide all over.

What do you think???  I seriously need advice on this, because I want them alllllllllllll.