Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So this is just a quick update because... I'm lazy.

So.  We're going list it up.  True.

  • Bryan's grandma's funeral went really well.  It was emotional and hard, but also beautiful and hopeful.  And it was really, really good to see family.
  • I love busy, non-dramatic days at work.  A lot.
  • Bryan leaves for Phoenix in 5 days!!  Excited for him but bummed we won't see each other for two weeks.
  • I leave for Chicago in 9 days!!  Excited for me but bummed I won't see Bryan for two weeks.
  • I love "Being Erica" and think it's dumb they want to make a US version on ABC; the original is set in TORONTO, which is practically the US anyways.
  • I may be visiting Canada during my trip to Chicago.... can I pretend I'm on "Being Erica" and drink coffee at Goblins???
  • I ran for 20 minutes again today.  Yeah I'm pretty awesome.
  • There is a dumb guy at the gym who is always there for like two hours... and he is only working out half the time.  The rest of the time he sort of stands/walks around and listen to his music.  And he always takes up a TON of space and puts his clothes/towel on various pieces of machinery that he is NOT USING SO TAKE YOUR CRAP OFF THE MACHINES!!!
  • Minute to Win It is awesome because you can watch it without sound and still follow everything that is happening.  Also, I sort of want to be on Minute to Win It.  And I want to be good at those sorts of games, because I totally am not.
  • Bryan and I have put a deposit on a cruise next January.  More about that to come.
  • I am still in love with my Kindle.  My husband too.  Him more than my Kindle.  He's hot.  The Kindle, however, fits better in my purse.
  • It's sort of sick how excited I am to visit IKEA when I visit my folks.  Yep.  
  • Bryan's grandpa tells AMAZING stories.  So interesting and hilarious and I love that man.  I can't imagine how painful this time must be for him; as of Sunday he and Grandma Lords were married for 63 years.  She passed away last Wednesday.
  • Sometimes, when you run a bit after eating, you sort of cough up food.  Or is that just me?  It's disgusting.
  • It has officially been OVER A YEAR SINCE I'VE BEEN TO THE DOCTOR'S.  For those of you that do not know, I used to have a REAL problem with hypochondria.  I seriously would convince myself I had cancer, or a tumor, or whatever.  My anxiety is more under control now than it has been in years and I am so very thankful.
  • I can't stop eating gummy vitamin D's.  Vitafusion's brand.  There are SO DELICIOUS!!!!!!!
  • I've decided to give in to the awesome power of coffee.  Too much still hurts my tum tum but I can have a few cups a week.  Delicious, delicious coffee.
  • The nurse in our office showed me the physician's lounge today... we stole some of the free soda and cheese.  Because we're BAMFs. 
  • Sometimes when I run, I try to dance at the same time.  I also mouth the words to songs.  It's a good thing I tend to go to the gym when it's pretty dead, because otherwise people would be so impressed with my awesome dance-running-lip-syncing that they would totally FLIP THE HECK OUT.
  • I'm sort of stuck between thinking Rob Bell needs to grow up and get over sensationalism to make a point, and giving him a huge high five.  Why are so many people offended by the idea that everyone that disagrees with them may NOT burn in hell?? (If you haven't been following the Piper/Bell/Whatever debacle... ignore this)  (also... did that sentence make sense??)
  • I made awesome, unhealthy enchiladas this week.  That were awesome. 
  • Last night, when we got home to Jackson from our little trip to Pocatello, we saw SIX DEER ON OUR SIDEWALK.  They are so beautiful.  I friggin love deer.
  • Houses in Boise are CHEAP.  Bryan and I want to eventually live by his sister Amanda and her family, and they've considered Boise.  So then I started wondering about Boise and then I saw how cheap houses are compared to Jackson and I got jeaaaaaaalllous.
  • This list is way too friggin long.  True.