Friday, February 11, 2011

Lack of Tax Smacks of Crap. Yeah. Tax refund. That almost rhymed.


So I was WAY excited to do our taxes this year, thinking we'd get a whole lot back.  Last year we got about 2 of my California-doctor's-office paychecks back.  It was super rad.  Since we made about 80% more cash this year than last (since Bryan is no longer a student and can work full time) I was thinking, wooohoo, we'll probably get TWICE as much as we did last year!!!

Not only that, but since he was paying interest on student loans, we got to deduct all of that as well.  That HAS to count for something, right???

WRONG.  Apparently we made TOO MUCH money and we're in a different tax bracket, or something.  Or maybe our summer jobs just didn't take out a ton of tax???  Either way, Turbo Tax had our refund in the 4 digits, which is awesome, and then I put in our summer job W-2's.... and the fabulous fancy number that tells you how much cash you're going to get??  It PLUMMETED.  Not only was it out of the 4 digits, it was BARELY in the 3 digits.  Yeah.  SUCK.

So there goes my plan of doing our taxes super awesomely and getting a lot back and being able to pay off half our cruise.  In fact, in my mind, we'd be able to pay off half of our cruise AND it would have covered the tv we bought last month.  It was going to be GLORIOUS.

Except now it's CRAP.  Yeah, I said it.  Also, we somehow owe California $34????  What the crap is that?!  We lived there for only 3 months.  Not sure what they are smoking.  Well, I know what they're smoking, especially in Humboldt, but that is NOT the point.  The point is I wanted more cashola back and I am not going to get it.

So I'm feeling a bit entitled, which is another part of being a good Californian (especially a Humboldt County Californian!).  And annoyed.  I want their MONEY.  That's what I WANT.  The government's money. 

So that's lameface.

BUT something that is NOT lameface:  Bryan's folks and his youngest sister Heidi are in town this weekend visiting us.  Tomorrow we are going on a sleigh ride at the Elk Refuge, and then maybe out to burgers or something?  Maybe??  It will be a super fun time.  And Heidi is really into the Cosby Show right now (which is streaming on Netflix!!!) which is SO much better than some of the other crap she watches (meaning, Nickelodeon and whatever).  I can definitely handle Cosby.  It's fantastic, in fact.

Anyone else disappointed in their tax return this year???