Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Minute to Win It

Dude.  Apparently we have cable.  I didn't know, but we do.  We just had to hook up the cordy thingy, apparently?  Either way, DANGEROUS.  Right now we're watching "Minute to Win It" (which is on NBC, not cable) and it's pretty addictive.  These two 24 year old gals are on and they've won like $250,000 so far for doing random little games.  It helps that they're super duper cute and tiny with big boobs and are BFFs.  And one, with her hubby, raises money to fund orphanages in India.  And they're Christians which is pretty awesome.

Also, I'm about to start my period... and I've cried three times tonight.  One time JUST BECAUSE I SAW SOMEONE CRY.  Didn't even know WHAT she was crying about.

Yeah, it's like THAT.

One of these gals makes me want highlights.  Except that I have promised to never dye my hair again because I HATE upkeep.

Yeah.  This is a really boring update.

(You still read it, though... didn't you?)

You get this picture of an iguana that someone in my family my brother took for reading this much.