Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Man I'm Good!!!

Tonight for dinner I made tilapia for the second time in two weeks.  It's just so good that I had to do it again!!  I made it with garlic powder on top both times and with fresh pico de gallo.  Tonight, however, I realized we were out of onions after I had already chopped up tomatoes and green onions and cilantro.  Soooo, I added what was left of the green onions I had, threw in some dehydrated onion flakes, hot sauce, salt, and then cucumber.  I've never made pico with cucumber before but it's very tasty!!  I always put a good amount of lime and cilantro in my pico de gallo, and that plus the cucumber equals a very tasty, fresh salsa.

To cook the tilapia, I just put tilapia fillets on a non-stick, pam-sprayed baking sheet, and then threw some Lawry's garlic with parsley powder on both sides.  I then chopped up the pico and threw it together, stirring it quite a bit and smashing it so that the flavors mingled.  I put the fish in for about 5 minutes at 350, then turned them over for another 5 minutes.  Then they were done!  I served the tilapia with the pico on top, and it was YUMMY.

Also:  I did my 20 minute C25K week 5 run yesterday!!  It was great, although sloooooow.  Also, I tried jump roping after it, which was dumb, because my shin was already hurting.  For some reason my right shin tends to feel like it's about to get nasty shin splints, so I sort of have to baby it.  Jumping rope after was DUMB.  It still hurts.  LAMEFACE.  Whatevs, I will just take it easy today and then maybe just jog a bit tomorrow.   We'll see.

But seriously, try this tilapia recipe, it's delish, and fairly cheap.