Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I had big plans today.  Today was the day I was going to paint an accent wall in our apartment.  Our apartment's owner had mentioned several times of the possibility of painting, and I had decided that today was the day.  I picked out a color, and I picked up some drop clothes, brushes, rollers, all of that.

Then Bryan came home from lunch and let me know that our renter-person had texted him just an hour before letting us know that her partner's nephew had expressed interest in buying the place, and they'd be over on Saturday to check it out.

Awesome.  Now not only can I not paint, but we may be kicked out once our six month lease is up in April.  HUGE bummer.

I had a few reservations about moving here in the first place, as the apartment is a fairly dark one.  Once I got used to it, however, I really fell in love.  I love that we have in-unit laundry, and that it's right next to our bedroom.  I love living right next to Flat Creek and seeing deer and lots of ducks right outside my window.  I love having a garbage disposal and the fact that Bryan can walk to work, since we live so close to the square.  Now it looks like we'll be moving out in April, which means that we'll move likely have to pay MORE for rent (we pay $800 now) to live in town, or we'll have to commute further to work.  Bryan loves walking, and is not excited to have to drive again.  There's an open apartment in this complex, but it's a 1 bedroom (ours is two) and it's for $850 a month.  Yeah.  Not great.

Most 2 bedrooms in town start at $1,000 or higher, unfortunately.  One of the gals at work mentioned I may be able to find an apartment owned by someone at the hospital, and that these tend to be less pricey.  I really just want to live close to town square; I've gotten spoiled these last two months.  It's not even that we really shop at town square, but I like being able to walk to see Bryan on Tuesday for lunch, or to walk to his work after I get home from my job.  He gets off a half hour later than I do, so it's just enough time to get home, maybe brew a cup of tea, and walk to see him, then walk home with him.  It will be a bummer not to have that any more.

The only good thing about this that I can see is that perhaps we can get a place with a bit more light, or a place that allows pets.  We do want a dog, but I'm not entirely sure we have the time for it at the moment.  We'll see.  I know that God has a plan, but I am bummed.  AND, I'm a huge planner, so the fact that I had the paint color picked out and picked up the tools I needed and was all ready to go in just an hour is LAME.  It totally messed with my plans and now all I want to do is sit on the couch and pout.

I know, I'm such a grownup.

We'll see.  Maybe we'll just have to go back to a one-bedroom, or maybe we'll need to find a little bit more room in our budget come this summer to afford a two bedroom in town.  I'm not sure.  I KNOW that I'm not interested in moving AGAIN.  If we move in April, that means since March 2010, we've moved our stuff from our apartment in Arcata into our friends' storage in Eureka for a month, then moved it to Pocatello for a month while we stayed there, then moved it to Jackson where we lived in our studio, and THEN moved it to here, and will have to move it again by end of April.  YUCK.

So I'm going to pout a little bit.