Thursday, November 10, 2011

Weird things that happen when Bryan is away.

1. I get super lazy.  I'm not picking anything up until tomorrow night.  Deal with it, me.

2. I get gross(er).  Bryan and I use the same deodorant.  As in the same stick.  And I guess the right way to say that would be "I use Bryan's deodorant (because I like the smell) and he doesn't approve."  Well, he took it with him obviously.  Do I look like I'm about to go to Kmart and buy more?  No.  I'm just going to not wear deodorant for a few days.  I'll keep the office cooler and pretend I'm a hippie.

3. I eat weird foods.  Sometimes it means eating one food as a meal - like a plate of asparagus.  This time it means ramen for dinner.  Yesterday and today.  Maybe tomorrow too.  Tonight I made it fancy though - chicken ramen with thinly sliced carrots, cilantro, green onion, ginger paste and sriracha.  Yep.  DELISH.

4. Talking to myself.  Even more. 


Good thing I married young, I guess.  Can you imagine me living by myself?  ::shudders:: TERRIFYING.


  1. This is SO exactly Dave's experience. Actual conversation:

    Stac: "Dave, where's all the food?"
    Dave: "Well you were gone for five days."
    Stac: "So you just didn't go grocery shopping?"
    Dave: "Well, we had that loaf of bread...and there was like half a bottle of cranberry juice. So I just had that."
    Stac: " had communion....for five days?"
    Dave: "I guess."
    Stac: "Wow." *pause* "Wow."

    LOL :)

  2. I've had ramen and cranberry juice. A few chips.

    Dave and I are definitely siblings.

  3. Where's Bry??
    Let's make it a game. Like Where's Waldo. Or Carmen San Diego!

  4. Bry was in Pocatello from Wednesday until Friday, and he'll be gone the same days (+ 1 more possibly) next week. Since his new job doesn't start until December, he's taking time to help out his grandpa and his dad with tasks on their 'to-do' lists, plus eating Mom's home cooking (Bryan's mom makes awesome food), and hanging out with his friends. In the meanwhile I'm being weird at home by myself, which is actually weirdly awesome.