Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sleeping at Last and Geoff Benzing

On this fabulous blog that gets haphazardly updated, I've mentioned several times how much I love the band Sleeping at Last.

I've also mentioned how very much I love the artist Geoff Benzing, who does the artwork for Sleeping at Last. He's incredible.  His watercolors, his acrylics... they make me so incredibly happy.  He has a way of making art that makes you feel peaceful but inspired.  Or something.  He's friggin' awesome.

So you can understand how incredibly happy I was to find out that Sleeping at Last was releasing prints of the covers Geoff Benzing did for the "Yearbook" project.  SO. EXCITED.

I immediately told Bryan, who got super excited as well.  In fact, his parents are buying us the collection because they had mentioned in the past that they wanted to get Bryan some artwork.  Geoff's pieces are actually really reasonably priced, but art is art, right?  It's not exactly inexpensive to collect.  So I was SO HAPPY to find out about the prints that are now available!  Check them out:
So amazing!  Each print is (get this) EIGHT DOLLARS.  That includes shipping and handling.

Oh, you want all of the prints?  All twelve?  I see, you're greedy.  I understand, because so am I.  You'll be pleased to know that the set is only TWENTY-EIGHT DOLLARS.  Including shipping.  That's seriously... I don't even.... it's amazing.

I always said I wanted to get a piece of Geoff's work for our kids' room (when we have kiddos) because they are just so beautiful and inspiring.  You can tell he has a vivid imagination.  And now we can choose from one of these awesome prints!  (Will we ever have space for a "kids' room?"  Or will they just live in a crib in the corner of our room?  That remains to be seen.  Good thing we've got time).

To see more of Geoff's work, visit his site.

Oh, and his acrylics are amazing too.  Here is the piece I own, "Elephant on a Hill."  I love my elephant, and his crazy wheels.

Hello Mr. Elephant!  I love you so!

Sleeping at Last has a track on the new Twilight soundtrack, "Breaking Dawn."  I'm not a huge Twilight fan, but I hope that this does amazing things for the band!  The song is "Turning Page" and it's instrumental.  You can listen to it on Spotify or download it on iTunes.

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