Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pretty Lame Weather

The weather recently has SUCKED.  Why?  The forecast has been "Smoke."
Friggin' lame.


  1. There's been a huge one in the Gros Ventre for weeks. It's seriously nasty. Today the smoke wasn't too bad, but for several days this week you could smell the smoke even when indoors. It's NASTY. It's contained, but it's something like 9,000 acres. There's also one somewhere around east Yellowstone, I think, but that's smaller, like 1,000 acres. The valley is just so darn smoky I don't like spending a whole lot of time outside on smoky days. You can definitely feel it in your lungs.

  2. You can kick me next time you see me... but I always secretly loved fire season up there. It's eerie. :) Or maybe that's my nostalgia speaking. We've been lucky down here and haven't really had one since May (which really really feels like a gift, after last year's craziness!!).

  3. The low is 39???? Yikes. That sucks.

  4. Stac Face - don't worry, it's only that cold eaaaarly in the morning. We've had 70's the past week or two. I like it chilly in the morning and chilly at night - but I'm not ready for the snow.

    Kati - I will totally kick you, because I do love kicking people. It's just a bummer because we had such a SHORT summer and we barely got out to do anything because we were so busy... and then it's all nasty and smoky. I just feel like I missed the whole summer. I'm buying snowshoes this winter though, so I'm getting out there snow or no snow.