Sunday, September 4, 2011

Our Weekly Farm Share

We got some yummies this week at Cosmic Apple, our fantabulous farmshare.  Check out my slightly blurry cell phone pic!

Mmmmm.  Yumscious!  I used the basil and kale to make some awesome pesto, and I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the eggplant and squash.  I found a recipe online for a decent looking casserole.  Neither Bryan nor I love eggplant or squash all that much, so I'm thinking that a casserole may be good, since it has lots o' stuff in it.  Check out those red-tinged beans at the top - they're called "Tongues of Fire."  Ohhh fancy.  I have no idea what to do with them, but I think they require shelling.

I definitely have appreciated our farm share, simply because I've had to try new recipes.  We get at least two green peppers each week, however, and I'm not sure what to do with those besides get more peppers to make fajitas.  Any ideas??  For ANYTHING?


  1. I just made summer squash casserole this week! Dafs said that he liked it a lot. :)

  2. Do you guys like curry? I have a super-easy recipe that's great for eggplant WITH green peppers... the eggplant takes on the taste of the curry and winds up being kind of a cool texture, in with onions, peppers, potatoes and/or tomatoes... or anything else you have to throw in. I've used the curry with curry spice of all colors and you can serve it over rice, noodles, or plain as a soup... delicious!! Let me know if you want the recipe. :)

    The farmshare Erik and I had in Jackson gave us recipes every week to help with the produce-- I have some fava bean recipes that might be good for your crazy Tongues of Fire if you want, assuming they're similar?! Maybe I'll research. Love the adventurous spirit.

  3. We make Nana's Sloppy Joe's with green peppers. You could do egplant parmasean or grill it. We like to grill our squash, it's super yummy! We marinade the squash in italian salad dressing first.

  4. Those Tongues of Fire are crazy! I've never seen them before... let us know what you make with them :)

  5. For peppers you could stuff them, or do chile rellenos, or use them in spaghetti sauce ( my mom and grandma do that).

  6. Dad says buy some sliced roast beef, ask if they have au jus or make you own from beef broth and spices, cook up the green peppers and make Italian Beef on a kaiser roll! Almost like. home!