Sunday, September 25, 2011

How Do You Say... "C'est Ridicule"

The following music video was filmed very recently in Grand Teton National Park; the beginning scenes are the Chapel of the Transfiguration, where apparently, you can always find someone playing the organ (no, you can't).

Next we see Mr. Fancy French Pants hopping the buckrail and walking through sage brush, instead of simply taking the path 10 feet to his left.

He walks over to a ranch and sees a "cowgirl" who looks awfully French as well.  She apparently just likes to hang out on fences.

We all know how dodgy the Antler Inn is, which is precisely the reason Mr. Hipster Frenchie picks it.  Also, because he wants Pearl Street Bagels for brekkie, and the Rawhide Motel didn't have the je ne sais quoi he was looking for in an overpriced town square motel.

I think the most important thing to take away from this music video is that apparently, French hipsters hang out on a floating dock in the middle of Jenny Lake.  I'm just wondering if they took that couch from Jenny Lake Boating's boat house.

Because I may or may not have wiped fish guts on it earlier this summer.


  1. He has a nice voice, but don't they have beautiful scenery in France? Maybe they don't have beautiful French speaking "cowgirls"! Yeah that's it...