Friday, August 26, 2011

Pretty Dorky

Okay guys.  It's time for the dorky, geeky Jessica to come out.  "What do you mean COME OUT? Like she hasn't been here all along?"

Very funny, guys, very funny.

But I have something serious to talk to you about today.  It affects only awesome, dorky, slightly embarrassed people like myself.  It's called Fan Fiction.

Ohhhh yeah.  We're going there.  I'm trying to not blush as I write this.  I have a little shame.

But I have to say... I'm seriously addicted to Harry Potter Fan Fiction.  Some of it is terrible, but some of it is AWESOME.  And not just a little bit awesome, but MEGA AWESOME.  We are talking hundreds of pages of awesomeness.

For those that like Harry Potter... stop crying over the end of the series.  Maybe you didn't love the epilogue to Deathly Hallows.  Maybe you, too, think Ron was sort of a git, and wouldn't have held Hermione's attention forever, especially since he's a bit fickle.  Maybe you think that Draco's character could have been redeemed, or at least been more developed.  Maybe those last two opinions are totally mine ::nods head::

Maybe you've stopped reading by now.  WHATEVER I DON'T NEED YOU. (Yes I do).

To the rest of you... let me introduce you to

::Cue angels singing::

On you can read fan fiction (which is fiction written by fans, for those of you who are a Sickle short of a Galleon) based on many many books, tv shows, and movies.  And anime, but I'm not that sort of dorky.  Sowry.

You should know some things before you just go and read, however.  First of all, to find Harry Potter fan fic, you to go the BOOKS section and select HARRY POTTER.  Good, you've narrowed it down to almost a half million fics.  Let's proceed.

Next, we sort.
First, I like to go to "Status" and select "Complete."  Why?  Because when I read something that's not completed I get way frustrated waiting for the writer to finish.  Which is what I'm doing right now, because I started two fics that weren't complete.  I don't love that.  Next, select "Language."  I choose "English" because I'm a stupid American/Canadian that can't speak anything but English and really crappy amounts of Spanish.  Ta-da!

Next, I go to "Genre."  Here you can go wiiiiiiiiild!  I usually pick "Romance" or "Adventure."  I'm not sure who is dying to read Harry Potter Western fan fic, but to each their own ::cough::weirdo::cough::

Next, pick your rating. You can pick K (equivalent to "G" movies), K+ (like "PG"), T (like "PG-13") or M (M, "R" or sometimes higher.  Will often have sex and/or violence).

If you have a specific character(s) that you'd like as the main character in the story, you can select that as well.

Click "Go" and you'll see the stories that fit your criteria.  If you look under the title, you'll see a summary, as well as some other info.
You can see this fic is a Harry Potter fic rated "T" that is in English. The genre is Angst/Romance.  It has 26 chapters, and 90,546 words.  It has had 1,525 reviews, and was completed this February.  It stars Hermione and Draco.

I usually pick fics that have a good amount of reviews, at least 500, usually.  There are some TERRIBLE writers on this site, but there are a lot of goods ones as well.

Once you pick a fic, you can go to the bottom and change the background to black and the type to white, which I find easier on the eyes.  You can also read reviews, but they often give away crucial elements to the fic, so I try not to read them until I'm done.

There are definitely some important terms that are helpful to check out before you pick out a fic.  This is especially important if you want fic that follows all of the Harry Potter books, or you are offended by certain pairings of characters.  For example, here are some terms:

AU - Alternate Universe. This means that the fic will deviate from the story line found in the actual Harry Potter books.  For instance, Dumbledore may be alive after Half-Blood Prince, or Harry may not be an orphan, etc.

Darkfic - focuses on darker themes.  For instance, there may be torture, murder, etc., or a "good" character may turn "bad."

EWE - Epilogue?  What Epilogue?  Doesn't follow the Epilogue to Deathly Hallows - everyone doesn't end up married with kids, or they might, but not to the people in the book.

Fluff - kind of obvious.  The story is sweet and fluffy and usually romance-based.

OC - Original Character.  The author has made up a new character not found in the books.

OOC - Out of Character.  A character will act differently than portrayed in the book.  Hermione may be foolish about some things, Harry may be cruel, etc.

Slash - Same-sex romantic pairings.

WIP - Work in Progress.

You'll also see PS/SS, CS, PA, GF, OTP, HBP, DH, which correspond to the book titles (Philosopher's Stone/Sorcerer's Stone, etc).

The awesomesauce thing I found out earlier this week?

You can download Fan Fics to your Kindle!! (did you hear that Stacey?? KEEP READING).

You can use the Fanfiction Downloader to get files to your computer or Kindle.  You'll need to log into your Google account, find a fic you want, copy the first page's URL, and paste it into the Downloader.  Select Mobi (Kindle), and them click download.  It will take a few minutes, and then you can download the file, then copy it to your Kindle.  Ta-da!!!!

I HIGHLY recommend the fic, "What the Room Requires" by Alydia Rackham.  It was really well written, and keep my attention and was very entertaining.  Seriously.  Read it.  It's awesome.

Anyways.  I think I'm doing with my Fan Fic love post.  I don't care if you think I'm the dorkiest, geekiest, nerdiest girl ever.  I love Harry Potter fan fic, and I'm not (okay, only slightly) ashamed.

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  1. Haha, I'm so glad you're into fanfics. I used to write these! Not for Harry Potter though, unfortunately....but maybe you might stumble onto some of my old posts. lol.

    I will definitely be downloading these! Thanks for the tip.