Saturday, July 2, 2011

Running Shoes

Okay.  I've been talking about getting a good pair of minimalist running shoes for a while.  Like, a year and a half.  I got these, thinking it was a good idea:

But it totally wasn't.  They're great for the gym, but I heel strike like crazy when running (I say running but mean jogging because I'm slooooooow.  At running.  Not in the head.  I think.).  So then I was thinking of getting a pair of Nike Frees:

But then I read that they keep making the heel bigger and bigger, in other words, less and less minimal.  Then I thought about getting myself a pair of Vibram Five Fingers:

And those didn't work because:

1. I have Morton's Toe (my second toe is longer than my big toe) and
2. I was told that some people who refuse to be seen with me if I wore them.  True story.  Oh and
3. They weren't really comfortable.

So I pressed on, looking for something cute, minimal, and well reviewed.  And I think I found it.

I've mentioned them before, but feast your eyes on Merrell's Pace Glove:


SO CUTE, right? They totally work for running, or just wearing around town.  And apparently they're amazing, because the reviews are great.  They're NOT AT ALL CHEAP, coming in around $100.  BUT, I just earned $80 all for meeeee.  At the hospital I work for, they had a "Spring into Fitness" challenge where you had to work out 4 times a week (which I already do, why aren't I totally skinny?  I have no idea) for 10 weeks and get $50!  Awesomesauce!  Then, the Nielsen Group picked me to keep a tv diary for a week, and sent me $30 for doing it!  So I figured new running shoes would be a good things to keep me exercising and stop watching so much tv.  Now the only question is color.  Should I get the cute green ones ("Aluminum") above, or these ones ("Dark Shadow")?

What do you think?  I like the flashiness of the green, but the grey/purple will go with almost anything. It's really hard to decide!  If you have an opinion, please leave it, I could use the advice.  Gracias amigos!!!


  1. I like them I am no help to you :/ haha Green is my FAV color but the grey is just soooo cute

  2. Asics are also one of the best shoes on the market - minimalist. But, they can be expensive. I am wearing a pair today that cost 160.00. I got them on Ebay for 60.00 though - new. Woot.