Tuesday, May 24, 2011

TMI again, because you love me.

Okay.  This is a really short post.

I've been AMAZED at how much I miss my Diva Cup since burning it.  I haven't gotten around to buying another one yet, so it's back to tampons and pads.  I've used my Diva Cup for the last year and a half, maybe more... and although people always say "ewwww that sounds gross!" when I tell them about the Diva Cup, let me tell you....

PADS AND TAMPONS ARE SO MUCH WORSE.  I feel disgusting.  Using a Diva Cup throughout your entire period is SO much cleaner than using pads and tampons.  With the Diva, you put it in, take it out to empty and clean it (about every 8-12 hours), and shove it back up there.  It pretty much lives in your vagina for your whole period.  Think of it as your vagina's happy little silicone period friend.

And tampons and pads are your vagina's angry, bitter friend that makes your vagina feel crappy about itself.  And you have to change tampons ALL THE FRIGGIN' TIME. 

BLECH.  Women are gross once a month.  Gah-ROSS. 

Seriously.  Diva Cup.  It will make you hate your period a whole lot less. 


  1. A bit of a tmi question - how do you get the diva cup out?

  2. To get it out, you pinch the bottom, move it from side to side to release the seal, and pull it out! Dump the blood into the toilet, rinse it out in the sink, put it back in. Tada! I try to take mine out in the shower b/c it's easy to clean there, and then I take it out 1-2 other times during the day. Easy peasy! However, I've heard it works better after you've had sex, so any virgins out there may want to wait. ;-)

  3. I just can't imagine reaching that high up, but then again maybe it's not as high as I'm imagining :)

  4. Hahaha it's not high up - it sits low in your vagina, it doesn't go near your cervix. In fact, the Diva Cup comes with a little stem that I cut almost completely off because it was sticking out and hurting me. It's very low, lower than a tampon sits.