Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sick Day!

So I'm sick.  Yesterday was really worse than today.  Yesterday I had a fever and chills and body aches and my throat KILLED.  Today I just have body aches and feel sick-ish.  I think sleeping from 11pm last night until 2:30pm today helped.  A lot.

So it's 5pm now and I'm just 'starting my day.'  Although I'm planning on going to bed around 11 again so it was a SHORT day.  I'm filling it with blogs and lots of blankets and cookies and watching the first two episodes of this season's "Being Erica."


"Being Erica" is a Canadian show about a gal named Erica who is in her 30's, can't seem to find luck in love OR work, and goes to "therapy."  Her therapist has an unconventional way of helping her, however: he sends her back to her past mistakes so she can either change them or learn from them.  You get to see Erica try out different scenarios, wear crazy clothes, sport some really unfortunate hairstyles... it's excellent.  For every time you thought "man, if I could have just done that differently!!" there's Erica!  It's definitely not your normal girly tv show, but I love it.  There's lots of 90's throw backs, lots of cute boys, and it's very Canadian and incredibly charming. And now Season 3 has come to Hulu!  I definitely recommend it, I think it's very cute.

So that's my sick day.  Sleep all day, then watch girly shows.  I think when I finish the first two episodes I'm going to watch some of my favorite episodes of "Friends" and take a bath.  Yep.  Being sick sucks, but when your fever breaks and you have very little responsibility... that is awesome.

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