Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Snowshoeing to Taggart Lake

Last weekend I went snowshoeing with my dear friend Kati and her friend Lindsay.  Kati and I have been friends since junior year of high school when we were both socially awkward and started hanging out with one another because we really didn't have a lot of other friends.  True story.  We wore long hippie skirts and played guitar and ate strawberries dipped in sugar while sitting one the front lawn of the high school.  I think we were somewhere between "alternative" and "losers."


Kati worked in Jackson during the summers through part of high school and all of college (I think) and then lived there afterward.  When I moved to Jackson summer of '06, part of the reason was that Kati was out there so I'd have a friend, but that I'd also be in a new situation.  And obviously I fell in love with Jackson Hole because now we lived here!

Anyways.  Kati came in to town for the week and stayed with us a few nights.  This was my first time snowshoeing and it was so much fun!!!  It was a really beautiful, if cold, day.  I think the high was 7 degrees?  Once we put on tons of layers, however, I was overly warm and had to remove layers.  I definitely want to buy snowshoes now; however, the ones I rented are SUPER EXPENSIVE.  Like $200.  So I think I may try a cheaper pair... I'm not sure.  We'll see.  Either was it was totally fun, and easier than cross country skiing (which I still want to try again and am still thinking of buying...)

Here are some pictures from that day.  We hiked to Taggart Lake and then took the back way down.  All in all it was approximately 4 miles, I think?  Later this week I'll put up pictures from our second day of snowshoeing.

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  1. that last picture is my favorite. so beautiful.....i'm definitely jealous.