Sunday, January 30, 2011

Old Navy Sale

Bryan and I went to Idaho Falls today for some shopping and dinner with Stu, Coly and Ella.  I got GOOD DEALS!!  I was looking for khakis/cords for work, because I'm pretty low on non-jeans at the moment.  Check it out!

I got these cords in both burgundy and brown, cute!!

Picked up this cardigan, love the sparkles on the pockets.

Got this skirt in a light tan corduroy.

Got this super cute sweater in a pretty light brown, walnut-y shade.

I also got a cute tank with some matte sequins.  But there's no pictures online, apparently.

And the grand total???

Drumrolllllllllll please....

$28!!!!!  What a deal, eh???  I love Old Navy.  I realized today that 70% of my wardrobe is either Old Navy or Gap.  Bryan and I went into Gap before Old Navy, and Bryan said "see anything you like?" and my answer was "yep, pretty much everything."  I love Old Navy/Gap's classic styles.  Add funky jewelry or a scarf and voila, you've made it your own.  Love that!

And REALLY love the price tags, especially on their sales.  Old Navy's clearance sale will be going on until 1/31; some of their stuff is 90% off!!

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