Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Good Things

- Bryan and I set up Skype on December 26th and we were able to "open presents with" my family!!  We saw Mom, Dad, Dave, Stac, and Grandma, and it was really awesome.  We took turns just like we do when we're actually together.  It was such a blessing to have that sort of technology available.  We live in cool times.

- I talked to my dear friend Kathy on Skype for TWO HOURS later that day.  It was AWESOME and hilarious and I loved every minute of it.  We've been friends since fourth grade and we get very silly around each other, so Skype was pretty awesome.

- We talked to part of Bryan's side of the family (Chris, Amanda, GK, Addy, Nicole, Stuart and Ella) for a bit on Skype as well and it was great to see them.  My nieces and nephews (GK, Addy, and Ella) are getting SO BIG!!  Luckily we only live 1.5 hours away from Nicole, Stuart, and Ella, which is awesome.  And it's just another hour to see my parents in law and my sister-in-law Heidi.  So much closer than when we lived in California!

- Lands End had a deal where their down vests were only $11 shipped and I TOTALLY bought one.  Then I got a gift card I won on for Sears/Kmart/LandsEnd and I got a new fleece!!  So excited!

- My dear friend Kati is coming to town tomorrow and is staying with us from Thursday-Sunday night, and I'm very excited to hang out.  We're going snowshoeing on Friday.

- Bryan and I are going x-country skiing on Saturday with friends.  Woot!!

- My dear friend Monica is getting married this August and she picked out her wedding gown today!  I wish that I could be there with her to see her try on dresses, but that's just not possible.  The next best thing though:  she tried on a dress that I saw online and recommended, and it's the dress she picked!!  I felt very honored she even tried it on. 

Good times, guys, good times.