Thursday, December 2, 2010

Are You a Blogger? Want Free Stuff??

Want to earn $25 credit on Shutterfly?  Follow these steps!

1. Login to Shutterfly
2. Find a photo card (I made a Christmas card) and save the project.
3. Click on “My Shutterfly” in the top menu
4. Click on “View all projects” under “My Projects”
5. Select a photo card project by clicking on the circle below the project title that you want to share (don’t click on the project itself, this promotion appears to only be tied to photo card projects)
5. Click on “Share Project” in the righthand menu
6. Type in “Title” and “Description” for your project (does not get included if you just embed the widget code)
7. Go to the “Next” step
8. Now you’ll see all the details of this promo, including the email address to send your blog post link to in order to get your $25 gift certificate.
9. Pick your embed method: Blogger or Widget Code (I just put in my Blogger info)
10. Don’t forget to email Shutterfly after you post your project!
This offer ends on January 31 and your $25 gift certificate will expire on February 15.

via Savvy Spending Meghan

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Merry Blossoms Christmas Card
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Apparently Hulu is down.

Which makes me NOT HAPPY because I was totally doing to indulge in one of my fave past times, watching Hulu will taking a bubble bath.

HEAVEN.  Let me tell you.  HEAVEN. 

I was hoping to catch an episode of Modern Family, but now I will have to watch something either on Netflix (which isn't bad, but I wanted to watch something new) or, which sort of sucks.  But I guess it's still free and better than not watching a show.  Or something.

I'm trying to work out more, BTW.  I've gone to the gym 3 times a week for the last two weeks and I've been trying to use the stair stepper at home.

How much weight have I lost, you ask?

NONE.  Which definitely makes me want to just up and quit, but I know that I'm being redonkulous.  But I just want to be a size six by wishing hard enough.  Is that so wrong??

Also, I made mini spice cupcakes with cream cheese yesterday.

I know, sabotage.

But I brought them to work and sent some with Bryan, so I figure that way everyone can get fat WITH me.  We'll just be a happy, slightly unhealthy, overweight family.  Like most of America.  I don't see the problem with that (except that I do). 

Tomorrow is a really slow day at work with is FABULOUS.  I'm in the middle of an easy but boring and tedious project, and I'm hoping to knock some of it out tomorrow.  I also plan on making magazine Christmas decorations for the office, like I did at the clinic in Cali last year.  I think they're cute, and they're free, and if I do them on company time (after I've finished my other work) than it's really HELPING rather than hurting, n'est-ce pas?

I'm still working on the friends thing.  Or friend, since one would be cool.  There's a girl who works at the hospital that's volunteered to go skiing/snowboarding with me, and she dropped by my office yesterday to say hi.  That's a positive thing!!  I do hope that we'll be friends, or that I've eventually make other friends.  It would just be nice to get a cup of hot cocoa/coffee sometime.  I really like the nurse I work with, she's just a bit older than me (5 years maybe) but she lives an hour away and has three kids, so the chances of us hanging out are slim.  Still, it's nice to have someone to talk to at work.

My anxiety has been better this week, thankfully.  I started to feel the familiar heart-fluttery feeling last week, and during our drive to Pocatello for Thanksgiving I freaked out a LOT because the roads were so bad.  This week has been a lot better.  I'm not sure if I'm just coping better, or if the exercise has already done me some good.  Usually a regular exercise regime helps my anxiety, so I'm hoping it does this time as well.

Okay.  I just checked Hulu again, and it's back up.  Maybe my internet just went wonky.  Either way, I think it's time for a delicious bath.