Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Memory Screening Day

We did free memory screenings at work today as a part of the National Memory Screening Day.  We were expecting to have about 80-90 patients, since that's how many we had last year.

We were wrong.

We had 21.

So it was a sloooooow day.  Super slow.  And I was really not into working on a Tuesday, let me tell you!!  It was a very blustery, snowy day, so there were WORSE places that I could be.  Sitting in a nice warm office and getting paid isn't all that bad.

I think memory screenings are so interesting.  It's just a set of 9 simple questions that will give an idea of whether or not someone is having troubles with their memory.  Some things we may take for granted, like being able to draw the face of a clock, are no longer possible for those with memory problems.  Very interesting, very sad.

I ended a sort of blah day with a three hour phone call with my sister Amanda, and that pretty much made everything awesome.  She's the best, and I LOVE hearing stories about my niece and nephew.  GK is at this hilarious age where he's noticing things and asking questions, and sometimes he says stuff that would just make you go "SHHHH HONEY IT'S QUIET TIME!!!"  He's so so funny.  I love that kid.  I love that whole family!!  Great way to end the day.

A blustery, cloudy day in Jackson