Thursday, November 11, 2010

We Better Live Where It Snows From Now On...

Because I just bought another winter coat.

I know!!!  I know.  I already have two.  I have a down coat and a snowboarding coat.

But you know what I DON'T have?!

A really long coat that covers my butt and looks super cute.

And don't I NEED (okay, WANT) one of those??

Long down coats are super popular in Jackson, and my friend Kathy always had cute ones that I loved.  I have thought of getting one when Bryan mentioned the other day how all the gals he works with at the bank have them, and how they're cute and flattering.

Ruhhhhhh roohhhhhh.

I told him I'd probably end up getting one at the end of the season.  Seemed like a good idea.  But then my poor bum would be cold this winter... And Lands End is having a great sale and I had a 30% off code.  And the other day Bryan came up to me and said, "I'm working extra hours this week... can I buy the new Call of Duty game???  My extra hours will cover it...." and I said yes.

So today I was asked to work this Saturday at our Brain Game day (a day committed to help bring awareness to Alzheimers/Dementia that my office is running).  And I'm working this Tuesday (normally my day off) to help out with our free memory screening day.

So right off the bat, that's an extra $200 before taxes.

So Bryan asked, "Are you going to get your fancy coat??"

Duh, obvs.

So I ordered this coat:
I didn't want to go black because that's what everyone has, so I thought brown was just a tiny bit different.  There was another long down coat that was cute and was in aubergine (which is pretty much my favorite color) but it had fur on the collar.  I thought about it but Bryan said, "I really don't think you'll like the fur all that much" and I think he's right.  All in all the coat was under $90 with free shipping. 

And I suppose I sort of earned it because I worked extra days.  Right??  Huh?  Please?  Well whatever it's too late I already bought it.  And I'm justifying it by saying that I'm going to try to walk to work more (it's only a mile away) and that this coat will keep me warm enough to walk more.  Yes, that's my excuse.  Shut up, it is TOO valid.

Yes I have three winter coats.

What up??