Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Another Complainy Post

Moving SUCKS.  Sorry I'm still a bad blogger, but Bryan is in Salt Lake for work and I'm finishing the move and all the cleaning by myself.  It's so annoying.  So, so annoying.  I thought I'd finish everything tonight, but I'm so lethargic and not wanting to do anything at all.  I'm not used to it getting dark so early, and I keep finding myself ready to hit the hay around 7:30 each night, which is RIDICULOUS.  I think I'll work on the old apartment a little bit more tonight, maybe finish the kitchen, and then save the rest for tomorrow night.  I really think there's only 5 or so more hours of work left, but I have little to no energy to do this right now.  I keep thinking of my nice warm bed back at the new apartment.... down comforter, soft pillow... delish!!! 

I started work on Monday, and it seems to be a really great place.  I don't think it will be all that difficult either, which is really nice.  I already had one patient who was suffering from dementia and seemed to think we were friends; I'll have to get used to that.  It's very sad, but it's also something I'll be seeing a lot, as our concentration is cognitive health (which includes dementia and Alzheimers patients). 

I love having Tuesdays off.  It makes going to work on Monday seem a lot easier when you know you have the next day off.  And I go back to work tomorrow, but it's only for three days until I have the weekend!  Not so bad.  Plus, having today off really helped as far as the cleaning of the apartment process.

I got our mail today from the post office.  We got a good amount of things in the two weeks we were gone!!  I lot loads of samples, which is excellent, including a pair of sport socks that look pretty pricey (woohoo!), a full bottle of gummy heart-healthy vitamins, a breakfast bar and temporary tattoos (including an owl!!!).  So excited, LOVE free stuff.

Bryan is enjoying his time in Salt Lake.  He's staying at a fancy hotel that he says is very, very cool.  Apparently it's a part of the Marriot hotel group but it's more of a stylish sort of place.  He says the decor is very modern and European, and he has a nice sitting area and a kitchenette.  He's hoping to catch up with a friend or two tomorrow (he lived south of Salt Lake for two years in college), which would be nice.  Tonight he was an absolute rock star and went to Ikea to pick up some things for our new home.  THANKS BABE!!  (Not that he reads this).  He got us a cute end table, a bookshelf and some lamps.  He's the keenest, just the cat's pajamas, dontcha know.

Okay.  Back to cleaning.  Thank you thank you thank you SO MUCH for putting up with my awful blogging habits these past three weeks.  Those who still read this, I seriously appreciate you sticking with me.  You're amazing.