Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Cylon Raider putting clubs, available at sporting good stores near you!

I'm so awesome.

So I'm in Great Falls, Montana.  There are bigger stores here, which is sort of fun.  Bryan and I went to Old Navy yesterday and I got a long sleeve tee for $3 and a pair of cargo pants for $4.50.  Pretty BA if I do say so myself.  We also went to Target, where I purchased the above mascara, as my grandmother suggested it to me.  I saw it, threw it in the cart, and checked out.  When I got home I realized it was brown instead of black.  I am awesome.  Because I am so awesome (and cheap) I'm going to use it even though it's not the color I wanted.  Because I already had a difficult time paying $8 for a mascara.  That's a tee and a pair of cargos from Old Navy, doncha know.

Last night we went out to dinner at the Macaroni Grill.  I didn't realize that we'd be eating out every night; I figured the hotel room would have a microwave or a fridge, but it's not a suite style.  So we eat out for lunch and dinner, which I'm just not all that used to.  Macaroni Grill was AMAZING last night.  It was such a treat to go on a nice date, especially since we'd been out to a nice restaurant earlier this month.  I feel so fancy!!  Bryan even said I could get a glass of wine, but I wasn't feeling it.  But how fancy that he offered.  And how fancy that we got an appetizer.

Seriously, these things really are fancy to me.  I'm pretty easy to please.

Today Bry is at training most of the day, so I get to hang around the hotel.  So far I woke up at 9:30, went downstairs to get breakfast, and watched some tv and talked to my mom.  Pretty soon I'm going to walk across the street to Michael's and pick up some knitting needles; my friend Kim is going to teach my mom and my sister Stacey and I how to knit next week!!  I'm so excited.  I love crocheting, and while knitting looks a bit harder, I think it will be fun to learn a new needlecraft.  Like I've said before, I'm in love with grandmotherly pursuits.  I also plan on hitting up the fitness center again today.  Yesterday I ran a mile and a half, did an hour on the stationary bike, and did a half hour on the elliptical.  Eating out is NOT that healthy, so I'm trying to make up for it.

I've mentioned before how unbelievably cheap I am; want some more proof?  The hotel we're staying at has complimentary breakfast, and I made sure to get enough to last me for breakfast AND lunch.

Yes, I am that cheap.

The "eggs" and "sausage" were gross and not real food, so I didn't eat those.  I ate the waffle with peanut butter and honey for breakfast (there was "syrup" but it was mostly high fructose corn syrup and corn solids) along with the cup of coffee.  I'll have the bagel and/or oatmeal for lunch.  Mmmm carbohydrates... are you why I'm so lethargic today?  You are fairly tasty, so I will forgive you.

Since I saved money on lunch I'm pretty sure that it's okay for me to buy another shirt for less than $5.  Or at least this is what I will tell myself.  Bryan gets reimbursed for his meals, but wasn't told exactly HOW much... he doesn't get a regular per diem or anything like that, so we've just been eating on a conservative budget for lunches and then getting a pretty nice dinner.  Last night's meal at Macaroni Grill was about $11 per plate, which is still about $5 less than most dinners in Jackson, so that was pretty decent.  Tonight I think we're going out for pizza or Chili's, I'm not sure which.  (I feel God in this Chili's...)  I'm so glad I got to come along with Bryan on this workcation.  He works, I vacation.  It's been a blast hanging out with him (even the 6 hour car ride went by really fast and was a lot of fun) and I love the fact that we can go out to eat with one another.  We usually only go out to restaurants or get take-out every other week or so (and keep it cheap), so this has been a real treat.  And in 4 days I see my family (minus David, wish he could come to Myrtle too!!).  I'm so excited.  I've told Bryan several times these past few weeks that I feel really blessed and happy with our life.  I know now that moving to Jackson was the right thing to do.  Even though I do not have friends yet, I feel really settled and happy.  I love my town, I'm excited about my job, and I feel like Bryan and I are where we are supposed to be.  It's a lovely feeling, this contentment. 

Last night we talked about life since leaving Humboldt, and what we miss.  We miss the people the most, for sure.  We had awesome friends in HumCo, and I hope we make good friends here.  Last night we texted the Muhlenkamps and told them how much we missed them.  They're the couple we lived with the last month we were in HumCo, and we co-led a Life Group with them.  They are so awesome and fun and we had a blast getting to know each other.  I told them that they should move to Jackson when their contract is up (they're nurses at a hospital in Eureka) and that we should all rent a house together.  Keith and Bryan get along really well and I was getting to know Bethany, which was really fun, as she's awesome.  AND they have the best dog in the world, Hagan, and they got a new puppy (a Great Dane/Mastiff mix) named Morgan since we left.  Bryan and I both agreed that it would be really fun to live with them again, especially if we had a three bedroom house.  Plus, then we wouldn't have to get our own dog necessarily, we'd just 'adopt' theirs.  Bethany texted me back and said that would be a pretty awesome idea.  It will probably never happen, but it's fun to think about.

Alright.  I'm going to seriously get out of bed now and actually do something.  I hope whoever is reading this is having a really awesome day, and enjoying the Fall weather (whatever that may mean in your area).  Lots of love to you.