Thursday, October 7, 2010


I had a lovely 26th birthday.  I woke up while Bryan was getting ready for work and asked him to bring me my laptop... and stayed in bed watching Hulu and reading blogs until almost noon.  FANTASTIC!!  I ate carby/fatty/icecreamy food for lunch, and did a bit of crocheting.  I had an interview at 4pm that went really well - I'd be very surprised if I didn't get this job!!  Then, Bryan took me out to dinner at Thai Me Up, where I had a fancy Thaigarita, Pad Thai (and snuck bites of Bryan's Massaman Curry), and then a fried banana with ice cream and honey for dessert.  Delicious!!!  There were several times that I just thought "Wow.  I love our life."  It was a very chill birthday and perfect in every way.

I got some lovely presents, which was very fun, and my nephew GK talked to me on the phone.  He's soooo cute!!!!  He talked for quite a while, more than he's talked on the phone in a while, according to his mom (my awesome SIL Amanda).  It was so charming!!

Today I am pretty sure I'm sick though, so I took it easy.  I will try to be back to blogging tomorrow; hopefully I'll be feeling better then!!