Thursday, September 16, 2010

Real People Clothes

So.  Bryan and I are going on an impromptu shopping trip tonight.  Because Jackson is a small town, and a resort town at that, there are no malls.  There's no Target, no Gap (there was one for like two years and it shut down), no Ross/TJMaxx/Marshalls, none of that.  There's a Kmart.  And a lot of thrift stores.  And I've pretty much exhausted all of those.

I'm totally fine not living around these sort of stores... although I do miss Target a LOT.  I know it makes me anti-Jackson or whatever, but I'd LOVE a Target.  I'll even trade you a Kmart.

Bryan and I are on a mission tonight to buy "Real People Clothes" which pretty much means anything that's not jeans, t-shirts, or hoodies.  For the last three years, Real People Clothes haven't been necessary.  I currently own three pairs of heels, and I've pretty much only worn them to interviews.  I'm a flats kind of girl.  And a jeans kind of girl.  I'm hopeless for hoodies, fond of fleeces, and keen on cardigans.  I like to think I dress nicely, if casually.  I'm often seen with a long necklace to make an outfit feel a little bit more special or fun, and I almost always match.  I'm just not a dress pants and blouse sort of girl.


If I get this Social Worker job (OH PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!) I will need Real People Clothes.  I'm still against heels though; I feel like I'll fall and break my neck. I currently own one really nice pair of dress slacks.  They're sort of a medium-to-dark brown, but much more of a grey brown than a warm brown.  I got them at a clothing swap.  I also own a pair of more casual navy blue slacks.  These were given to me by my mom, since they shrunk and were too short on her.  Yeah.  Haven't actually bought myself slacks in at least 5 years.

As for blouses.... well... yeah.  Don't really have a lot of those.  I had some cute ones when I was thinner, but gaining 15 pounds and not working at a job that has a real dress code means that those were given away at a clothing swap at some time or another.  I had a cute silk purple blouse, but I ruined it this spring by accidentally washing it with a chapstick.  It's ridiculous how often that happens with us.  We check every pocket every time, but inevitably, a chapstick sneaks it way in a fold of fabric, or a sock, or something weird like that, and destroys at least PART of a load of laundry.  LAME-O.

So.  Tonight, we shop.  Bryan and I get off work at about 3 and we'll head over Teton Pass towards Idaho Falls.  It's a two hour drive.  To shop.  But we NEED appropriate clothes.

Bryan looks HOT in Gap khakis.  I don't know why they look so good on him, but they totally do.  They have an awesome range of sizes (especially online) and the legs aren't baggy, they're nice and straight-leg.  Bryan is a fairly solid guy; he's by no means heavy, but Lords boys are sort of built without a waist or butt.  They're just sort of SOLID.  Like a brick.  Except for their legs... at least Bryan's legs, can't really speak for the other men.  Bryan has nice lean runner's legs, and Gap khakis fit him perfectly.  They're not too baggy, they're not too tight, they just look nice.

So I'm hoping to pick up some of these:

Gap Men's Tailored Khakis, Straight Fit

Gap Men's Original Khaki
At Wells, Bryan needs to wear slacks, a button-up and a tie.  He was told to keep a suit jacket at the office in case he has to go to a meeting or something of the sort.  I think these would work with more relaxed suit coat/blazer, like this one:

Banana Republic Tailored Cotton Two-Button Blazer
I prefer a more casual, tailored suit on men than the regular suit jacket and pants combo.  I think this Banana Republic blazer is very nice looking, but doesn't feel stuffy.  I'm not sure if Bryan would agree or not.

I'm looking for some nice blouses for work.  I'm thinking something along these lines:

Gap Ruffled Eyelet Top

Merona Women's Alex top, Target

Silk-trimmed Cardigan, Gap
I have a nice black cardigan, and I think if I got one in a grey (although I already own like 4 grey sweaters, at least) that I'll be able to wear it with many blouses.  I could use a pair of black slacks, and maybe a pair of dark grey slacks.  And I definitely need a pair of black flats.

By the way, I LOVE Gap.  I love how simple everything is, and how you can dress it up with accessories.  I love the all-American look.  It's so clean and classic.  I would definitely add a funky necklace or a scarf or something, but it's just lovely the way it is.  It isn't trying too hard, and I like that.

As much as I have these sartorial plans, there's a good chance we'll end up getting Bryan three pairs of slacks on sale, and I'll find nothing.  That tends to happen with us.  He looks awesome in something that's totally inexpensive, and I sort of go "ehh I don't know if I really liked anything I tried on..." and end up getting a pair of underwear.


Hopefully between Gap and Ross we'll find a few things that will be appropriate for the workplace.  And hopefully, I find a workplace where I can wear my make-believe outfits.