Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vom Fass

One place Bryan and I really like to shop here in Jackson is Vom Fass.  They sell specialty oils and vinegars from Europe, and it's super neat and fancy.  There are 5 stores in the USA so far.  One of the really neat things about the store is that you can sample all of the oils and vinegars.  They also sell a large number of spice blends to accompany some of the oils.  Tonight we dipped some delicious crusty bread into the "Pepone" Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the "Golden" Aceto Basalmico di Modena vinegar.
This olive oil has a deep green artichoke flavor with hints of custard, medium light in body with a short smooth finish. Of our fine selection of extra virgin olive oils the "Pepone" from Tuscany is our recommended cooking oil due to it being lightly filterd. With a slightly lower intensity of flavor when compaired to our other olive oils this is an excellent oil for the beginer gourmet. Usable for every application this fine oil will lend a healthy and unique flavor to all of your dishes.
This tangy vinegar has a bright grape flavor and balanced acidity. A fine choice for use as a balsamic glaze on any meat. "Golden" Aceto Basalmico di Modena works very well on salads composed of sweeter greans or with dried fruit.
We also have the Mango Waldburg Balsam vinegar.  This is quite acidic by itself, but is very nice on a spinach salad when accompanied by a nice extra virgin olive oil (by Vom Fass or otherwise).  I recently cut up some watermelon into chunks, added a bit of the Mango Waldburg Balsam vinegar and some peppermint leaves into a watermelon salad, and it was quite tasty!
A rich hazy yellow color this exotic vinegar is made from the combination of pureed mango and distilled vinegar. Only the finest fair trade Carabao mangos from the Philippines are used in our production. The resulting vinegar is barrel aged to smooth out any rough edges and bring forth a rich and complex flavor.
Vom Fass products can be bought online as well.  They are a bit pricey, but definitely give a certain specialness to a meal, which is lovely.  They sell all their products in glass bottles that can be refilled in the store.  I definitely recommend them as an interesting and fun/fancy place to help spruce up your next meal.

For more information, check out their website.  All pictures and descriptions above were taken from their site.