Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Project 365: 21

This colossal owl red cupcake at Smith's is FRICKIN' ADORABLE.

Winter Gear!!

So I keep getting worried about how freaking cold winter in Jackson is; it's my first really intense winter.  It's not exactly delightful in Chicago during those cold months, but it apparently regularly drips below zero here.  Yeah.  That's going to be SUPER.

I was looking for the right sort of jacket before a few friends mentioned that I should sort of be looking for JACKETS.  Yeah.  Like a down one, and then a shell that's waterproof.  And I need to buy long underwear.  And possibly more layers.  And I need winter boots.  And probably waterproof shell pants.  And all of that is EXPENSIVE.

I went to Department of Goods and found what I THINK is a good deal. Check it out.

Volcom's Shale Jacket.  Original price: $189.95.  Sale price: $37.99
This Volcom jacket is waterproof and supposedly breathable.  It's a lightly insulated jacket that I will wear over a lot of layers to stay cozy. It has a snow skirt, a zipper or hook or something that attaches to your pants, and a lot of pockets.  NOT BAD for under $40.

Bridgedale Midweight Ski Socks.  Original price: $17.95.  Sale price: $5.39

Super sexy Burton Expedition Weight Pant.  Original price: $54.95.  Sale price: $10.99

All in all, got these three for less than $55.  Woohoo!!!  I hope they all fit well and will help keep me nice and toasty this winter!