Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sleep, perchance to freak out your wife

My husband's night-life was something I had to get used to when we got married; he didn't party, just was just a weird sleeper.

First of all, he occasionally snores.  Okay.  Not that bad.  He talks in his sleep.  Uh.  Okay.  That happens.  He occasionally SINGS in his sleep... not "How sweet it is to be loved by you" but a weird, droning "lalaladeeelaaa."  Seriously.  In a higher-than-normal sing-song voice.

This can all be dealt with without too much weirdness, but the strangest part is that he can be looking at me, talking to me, and still be asleep.  He tends to go to bed before me because he has to get up early (like, 5 am or earlier) 2 days a week.  Often when I come to bed, he doesn't appear to notice.  Sometimes, however, he raises himself up on one elbow, opens his eyes, looks at me and goes "HUH?" or "what??"  He looks super confused and I have to tell him "it's just me, Jessica."  "Oh" and he lays back down.

We've had many conversations when he's been asleep.  It's weird.  Tonight he went to bed before me since he's getting up early to go fishing.  I came to bed with him with my laptop.  He was turned away from me for the first half hour or so, and then turned back, raised himself up on his elbow, looked at me and said "Ow ow my shoulder hurts!!"  He then sat up and moved to the edge of the bed and sort of grabbed his shoulder and held it while rocking back and forth.  I said "are you okay?" and he sort of went "umm shoulder hurts... shhh!"  He rubbed his shoulder, laid back down, and closed his eyes and he was sound asleep.  I'm sure his shoulder felt a bit weird since he mentioned it, but he was actually ASLEEP THROUGH THE WHOLE THING.

It's weird.

In other news, I've had a crappy sleep schedule this week.  Thursday night I couldn't sleep at all.  Finally at 2pm I drank some spiced rum and managed to sleep for at least a bit.  Last night I couldn't sleep, so I waited and waited and finally slept around 2pm.  Then I woke up at 4 and didn't go back to sleep until at least 5.  I was supposed to be up at 6:30 at the latest, since i had to be in the office at 7.  I woke up at 8:04.  Got to work ONE AND A HALF hours late.. SO. LAME.

So tonight I took Benedryl to be on the safe side.  I've almost fallen asleep 3 times through this entry, so I'm going to hit the hay now.  Before it hits back.