Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Home is Wherever I'm with You

Have you seen this video already??  It was on the Yahoo front page and it's awesome!!!

Card Reader

As my friend Kati noticed (via comment on another entry), I've had the last two days off!  We went to Idaho to spend time with family, and I was planning on posting pictures... but apparently my card reader isn't working!  SUPER lame.  I will try to find my other one, as I have some super cute pictures of my niece, Ella.  Meanwhile...

Here's a camera-phone pic of the Tetons from the Idaho side (as opposed to the Wyoming side, where we live).  I could get used that view, if we decided to settle down on the Idaho side and buy a house.  Could definitely get used to the view... not sure about the super-small town aspect.  But who knows??

I went to Target to get that super cute red polka dot bathing suit but it was sold out.  I thought about buying the red one online, but I settled on the black.  Black matches everything, it's slimming, and it won't make me look like a lobster if I get burned.  Sounds good.


I will most likely always wear it with the halter strap so I don't have to be worried about showing too much of the girls.  I love this suit because it's sexy (Bryan said it was very vintage Americana; I'm hoping that means Betty Page because I love the pinup look) and it's still fairly modest. 

Hopefully I'll have some more exciting pictures up soon!