Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Future's So Bright I Need to Wear...

::gag:: sorry, choked on the end of that lame joke.

But seriously, I ordered some awesome prescription sunglasses today.  I think they'll be helpful on long road trips when I don't want to wear my contacts; they'll also be nice for normal, daily stuff.  PLUS I got them on so they were only $24 shipped!!

Here they are:

I'm pretty sure they're going to be the coolest ever.  I actually got mine tinted darker than this, so they'll appear black.  The only thing I'm worried about is that the bridge may be a little big, but I don't think it'll be a problem.  Okay, the other thing I'm worried about is size of the lenses... I have not-so-great vision (-4.5 in one eye and -4.25 in the other) and they don't make the thinner lenses into sunglasses.  Hopefully it won't be super coke-bottle-y.  The glasses I have now are the same kind of lenses as the ones I'm ordering, and they're not too bad.

Zenni ships in about two weeks, so it will be a little bit before I actually get to USE my glasses, but I'm definitely excited about them!  I've used Zenni in the past for my green glasses and everything went smoothly. 

my green glasses

Davido (my bruddah) has ordered several pairs from Zenni, and so has my dad.  They do take a while to ship (I think they ship from Asia??) but they're SO much cheaper than Costco, Walmart, Pearl Vision, For Eyes... any of those places.  And you can pick out some SERIOUSLY cute glasses, like these:

I think these are $30

Under $10
Cute, eh??  What a deal!

Give Peace (Tea) a Chance

When Bryan was working at Humboldt State University's bookstore, he often would go to the Depot to get lunch or a snack.  Bry's a big fan of the iced tea, and he loved how Arizona had 23 ounce cans of tea for 99 cents.  He did NOT love that every tea he found but one (Arizona's Black & White Tea) had high fructose corn syrup.  High fructose corn syrup is cheaper than sugar, and made from, you guess it, corn.  It doesn't TASTE as delicious as sugar, in my opinion, and it has possible health risks associated with it.

Arizona's Black & White Tea... the only Arizona drink without HFCS

One day I was in Winco (I miss Winco's prices soooo bad) and I noticed a big display of iced teas; they looked to be the same size as Arizona tea (23 oz), but said "Peace Tea."  I looked at the ingredients of the Imported Ceylon flavor and saw:  Brewed natural ceylon tea, sugar, citric acid, natural flavors.  Not bad!!  One can of tea was 150 calories, about as much as a can of regular coke, but twice as big.  I brought some home and Bryan LOVED it! 


Since moving to Wyoming we've only been able to find Peace Tea at one place; Dornan's, right at the south entrance of Grand Teton National Park.  Bryan now brings it home quite often.  It still has sugar and a fair amount of calories, but I feel better about it, since it doesn't have High Fructose Corn Syrup and it has less sugar than regular soda. (I still would not feed it to a kid, though.) Peace Tea comes in Sweet Lemon, Imported Ceylon (Bryan's favorite), Green Tea, and Razzleberry Tea (my favorite). 

Any other Peace Tea fans out there??