Sunday, July 11, 2010


Wanted:  Merona Women's Polka-Dot Print Bandeau Shirred One Piece Swimsuit - Red/White, size Large
Last seen on:  OMGmom's blog.  I'm not tiny like her but I still want this and am assuming I'll look AWESOME in it because I will cry if I do not.


I would pretty much only wear it with straps so I wasn't pulling it up all the time... unless I was just laying out, getting sun.  SO CUTE.  And at $35, it doesn't break the bank... but I'm still too cheap, I think.  And it's super popular, so it probably won't go on sale...

Do I just go for it!?  Or do I attempt to practice restraint?  Do I try to convince Bryan that a red polka-dot bathing suit is acceptable to buy since it's our 3 year anniversary on Wednesday and Jessica wants to feel cute?!?  And WHY do I feel the need to buy a new swimsuit every year!?!

For all you design people...

Or for people who have worked with a terrible designer (the company I work for is dealing with this now... It's ridiculous).

This is hilarious.

Seriously.  I read it on my phone last night while in bed (I wasn't really sleepy yet but wanted to cuddle) and I'm surprised I didn't wake Bryan up with my silent, shaking laughter.  It was HILARIOUS.  The first poster he makes is my favorite.