Monday, June 28, 2010

And We All Float On Okay.... ish

Bryan, Cody, Molly and I floated Flat Creek today.  It looks sort of like this, but this is actually south of where we got out of the river.

It was a LOT of fun, but I sort of ate it on one of the rapids.  I got sucked under the water and my tube shot away from me.  I hit my leg on a bunch of rocks and now have a fabulous bruise on my shin and ankle.  I also sort of hurt my ankle in a weird way... I didn't sprain it, it just hurts.  And I got sunburned.  But who cares because it was SUPER FUN!!!

I'm hoping that my sunburn goes down by tomorrow so I can go run outside (if my ankle feels okay) or at least go on a walk.  I'm hoping to float the creek a few times more this summer, but as the water goes down, the rapids will get crazier and crazier!  Yikes!!