Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Design

Iffff you haven't noticed, I changed the design of my blog!  I am not at all html-inclined; I tried designing my own template-y thing once and it looked pretty awful.  The previous design of this blog wasn't my favorite, but it worked, and it wasn't terrible.  That said, I like this design a lot more.

I used Blogger's new Template Designer to personalize it, and I like the end result.  I know a lot of blogs are much less busy-looking.  Many of the blogs I read have a basic white background, which works well with their aesthetic and the pictures they post.  I do not have a fancy aesthetic, and to be honest, I'm a sort of decoration-clutter person.  My apartment has tons and tons of pictures on the wall, I love lots of colors and patterns, and white doesn't do much for me.

Thus, the new design. What do you think??  The colors remind me a bit of the Royal Tenenbaums, my favorite movie.  LOVE Wes Anderson.


Anyone else obsessed with this movie??  Especially the Margot/Richie relationship?


Ahhhhh and the music!!  Elliott Smith, The Ramones, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, various members of the Beatles...  FANTASTIC.  So.  I'm going to watch it now for my last hour and a half of work.  And smile at my new blog design.