Friday, June 4, 2010

Weather or not...

The weather this week (and last week) has pretty much been identical to Humboldt.  Which means that I am OVER it.

Rain.  More rain.  A little more rain.  That's what the last 8 months were like in Humboldt, and now we're getting it again.  Annoying.  Hella annoying.

We went to a friend's gallery showing tonight and that was cool.  He does amazing metalwork, creates beautiful beautiful animals out of steel.  I wish we could afford a piece of his work... maybe something 2 inches by 4 inches?  No bigger.  He makes really awesome art.  The horned owl sculpture on driftwood was my favorite - graceful yet incredibly strong.

We decided to go on a walk around the square (okay, I did, I wanted some fresh air... Bryan was feeling overwhelmed by the close quarters in the gallery and wanted to go home) and we ran into two friends of mine from college who have been working out in Jackson a bit.  They mentioned a movie they were going to at a place I've never heard of - maybe a fun new date spot?

We also walked by a restaurant called e.leaven that looked really yummy and had great prices by Jackson standards.  I think we'll end up going to eat there.  They had really good sounding sandwiches and soups, and I've gotta say, I'm definitely a soup and sandwich type of girl. Apparently there's an e.leaven in Chicago too!!  Very very cool.

Tomorrow we're having a concierge party at Phil Baux park.  Free food, free beer, free prizes (but only for the concierges... boo).  One of the prizes is a MARMOT PRECIP JACKET with Jenny Lake Boating logo.  Yeah.  Like the $100 Marmot PreCip jacket that I've been lusting over.  Yeah.  That one.  Unfortunately the one they're giving away is an XL so it would be too big anyways.  BUT STILL.  Lucky concierges.  At least I get free other stuff.

But.  Come on sun.  Come visit us.  Need sunshine.  Need people to go on float trips.  Need people to go on float trips so Bryan can drive people and make money.  Need.  Sun.