Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Bryan and I were in Pocatello, Idaho these past two days, visiting family and running errands.  We went into Sports Authority to see what they had in their hiking boots section.  Bryan was looking to get a nice pair for the summer.  I have these Teva Tamur boots:

I got them at Ross about six months ago, and I thought they were a really good deal at $25.  You can buy them on Amazon for $85.  Huh.  $25 seems like a better deal.  But that's just me.

So Bry was looking for a nice pair as well.  We knew that our friend Kendra was working, and she showed us some of the deals that weren't well-known yet.  Bryan ended up getting these:

The North Face's Endeavor hiking boots.  They're normally $70 but they were at Sports Authority for $40!!  Sah-weet.

So we were shopping with our friend and friendly Sports Authority associate Kendra, and she told us that if we spent $100 we would get a $25 gift card.  And I needed a helmet ANYWAYS that would cost about $25....

So we got Bryan a fancy tennis racket for $40 for his birthday.  It's originally priced at $225.  WHICH IS A RIDICULOUSLY GOOD DEAL.  I have a racket but Bryan didn't, and this will give us another fun exercisey activity. 

And THEN I found a wick-away tank top for hiking.... and a nice black fleece.  So we definitely spent the $100 and went into our regular "did we spend too much??" guilt.  We told each other that playing tennis will give us exercise, which is good, and that we will get to play with Cody and Kendra.  And I wanted that fleece baaaadly.  So we justified it.

Then we got back to Jackson and found out that there was an unclaimed check in the mail from Bryan's job at Humboldt State.  $325 bucks.  That we didn't know existed.  Woohoo!  And then we decided that Bryan's tennis racket would be his birthday present (he turns 27 today).

Bryan said, "It's so fun to live in Jackson and to be able to spend time outside.  Too bad you need gear to really enjoy being outside."  It's true.  We bought/need/want bike lights and helmets and tennis rackets and fleeces and backpacks and cool rain jackets/wind breakers (Bryan has one, I want one) and in the winter we'll want winter gear. 

AND we had a pro-deal with Marmot through work, so we'll probably get at least one thing through that.  Jackson:  you make good money working here, but between the rent and the food and the gear, you still have to carefully watch your bank account.